Several Purposes That Make Germany Worth Visiting

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Germany is placed in the central-western Europe. It is surrounded by nine European countries and has direct exit to the North and Baltic Sea. From an economic perspective, Germany is one of the most solid and most powerful in the world.

The landscape is rich, and there are all forms of landscape: plateaus and mountains (the Alps, Harz system Renan, Suaba Jura, Bohemian Forest, Black Forest) and plains (North German Plain, Bavaria Plateau, Danube Valley).

Germany has a temperate climate with an average annual temperature of 9° C. Temperatures in January float from -6° C to 1° C, while July temperatures alternate between 16° C and 20° C. Moisture is greater in the southern part of the country.

Germany is a cultural country, with lots of strongholds,monasteries and essential centers in Dresden, Leipzig and Weimar. It is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations, and albeit is mostly reconstructed after the war, it displays a landscape unchanged for centuries, and its famous castles conserve their Gothic air.

Berlin, Germany's capital, has royal residences, forests, recreation areas and is enclosed by canals, with the famous Brandenburg Gate with its well-known Quadriga crown, with more than 170 theaters, art galleries, operas and museums, over 7000 restaurants and lounges, an active night life, Ku'damm famous boulevard with lots of retail stores. Annualy, the International Film Festival in Berlin gathers some of the greatest actors, who come here in order to win "the Golden Bear."

Bavaria, the largest and famed region of Germany, serves a huge challenge: Alpine landscape and roads so pleasing that leave you panting, renowned thermal resorts, significant cities, natural attractions like Passau and Zugspitze, the spot where the Inn, Danube and Ilz come across at the same point, rooted festivals and celebrations. Bavarian preparations, along with one of the finest beers in the world, are sufficient to choose a holiday in Germany.

Munich is a sought tourist destination, being called the incognito capital of Germany. Marienplatz Square (named after a column that is found in its center), with the new and the old City Hall, features splendid medieval views. Peterskirche is the most aged church in the center. Nonetheless Frauenkirche cathedral is the most imposing church in the city center, thanks to the spectacular medieval architecture. The peak of its towers, 99 m, limits since 2004 the new buildings of the city.

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Several Purposes That Make Germany Worth Visiting

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This article was published on 2010/04/03