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Germany's countryside is a beautiful sight. Of all EU land, there are unique Castles, landscapes and great out of doors places to see in Germany. There are understandably places in the town that you have on your list, but take a little time and try out the places to see in Germany that are a little farther from the crowds. You'll get a breathtaking new look on your trip, and on the country's depth. The country takes care of these places in several Countrywide Parks with numerous landscapes and activity options.

Northern Germany is home to the Lower Saxony Wattenmeer State Park. This park includes coastland, mud flats and access to the East Frisian Islands. They're built with powerful systems to eat mussels and shellfish, and are particularly common in late summer months. There are 2 nearby museums: the German Maritime Museum, and Fisherman's House Museum.

The biggest Countrywide Park in Europe is an example of the places to see in Germany, Schleswig-Holsetein Wattenmeer National Park. There are more mudflats here, the biggest of all the State Parks, really, and even reach to Holland's North Sea. This is a cool spot to go to if you're looking for places to see in Germany that have wildlife. There are starfish, snails, mudworms and crabs in the water, and large flocks of birds particularly at nesting time. The nation's Park here sponsors tours discussing the wildlife, dykes, and sea patterns in the mudflats. There is also a whale exhibition and Nordstrand information center and aquarium.

A absolutely different scene is at the Bavarian Forest. This is an area of 243 km of great forest land in South-East Germany. There's a glacial lake, Lake Rachelsee, and keep your eyes out for Eagle Owl, Ural Owl, and Raven flying overhead. Other forest wildlife include otters and hazal grouse. The nature reserves are often geared towards outdoor activities for all ages: walking, cycling, water sports, and monuments. This nature reserve tops the places to see in Germany for hikers, and bicyclists, and especially those with an appreciation of history. This trail will take you thru forest views, then up and around valleys and hills to see small villages. This area provoked Goethe in his famous writings. Take along a collection of his works and you may not wonder his inspiration for beauty.

If you're looking for places to see in Germany that are off the crowded streets, take a little time visiting Countrywide Parks, nature reserves, and hiking trails across the country.

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Germany Outdoors

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