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The Federal Republic of Germany (also known as Deutschland) is the largest country in Central Europe, and also one of the largest country's in Europe. It shares borders with Denmark to the north, Poland and Czech Republic to the east, Switzerland and Austria to the east, and  France, Luxembourg, Belgium & the Netherlands to the west. It is a federation of 16 states, and is also one of the most influential countries in the European continent in terms of its significance in the world economic scenario. Although people the world over admire German engineering and their cars, the country is also a very popular tourist destination. Let's take a look at some of its major attractions.


The Rhine: This is one of the most popular holiday destinations not only in Germany, but also in Europe, simply because there is so much to look forward to in the form of attractions like castles, cathedrals, hiking trails, vineyards, et al. Although castles are interspersed all across Germany, the most important ones are in Rhine, with some being ruins, and others surviving the test of time. What makes this city even more interesting from the point of view of art and literature lovers is that the magnificent beauty of Rhine has inspired many painters and poets to create some of their masterpieces.


Trier: Situated in the Mosel River Valley, Trier is the oldest city in Germany, and was among the epicenters of the Roman empire, which is quite evident from the architectural marvels that still exist within the ruins. A must visit place is the combination of two churches;  The Dom St. Peter and the Liebfrauenkirche, both of which were built over ruins.


Berchtesgaden: A beautiful place to spend time in due to the sheer scenic beauty it offers to onlookers, Berchtesgaden is visited mostly during the winter season dur to its ski resorts that are located at the edge of the Berchtesgaden National Park. Another popular tourist attraction is the Eagle's Nest, a mountain that was Hitler's refuge in the second world war.


Würzburg: Close to Frankfurt, the city of Würzburg is popularly known as university town, and has many vineyards and architectural marvels to its credit. On the cultural front, there are numerous events like the Africa Festival and the Mozart Festival that are instant attention catchers for tourists among all age groups.


Bamberg: Over a thousand years of history is engrained within the walls of Bamberg, as it is one of the few cities that still retains the original German spirit in all its essence, particularly the Old Town region.


Potsdam: The capital of the Brandenburg state, Potsdam is a suburb of Berlin, Germany's cosmopolitan capital. This baroque city houses the glorious palace of Sanssouci, which is at par with many other fantastic works of art like the Versailles and Windsor Castle, if not better than the latter.


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Discover Germany for an unforgettable vacation

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This article was published on 2010/10/26