Adolf Hitler – the ruthless despot of 20th century

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How world remember Adolf Hitler? Today we remember Hitler as a man who misused his powers in an implausible way. Many people think him as a maniac and as the only person responsible for killing millions of people. It is the hatred for Hitler that makes people to think in this way.

Seventy nine years ago, Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany. He continued in that post for about 12 years. On January 30, 1933, the newly appointed chancellor of Germany was watching the torchlight parade of 25,000 Nazi troops in the streets of Berlin. How Hitler was able to come into power in a democratic Germany?

A journey through Hitler’s life from 1913 onwards – Hitler spend five years in Vienna for studying art work. He called his life in Vienna as the “five years of hardship and misery”. In an attempt to escape from misery, he tried to join in the Austrian army. But he failed in the medical test. When First World War was declared, Hitler moved to Munich in Germany. As it was the time of World War, he passed the medical test and gained permission to serve in the Bavarian-German army without any delay.

By proving himself as a brave and courageous soldier, he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class in 1914 and Iron Cross 1st class after three years. In the world war Germany was defeated and he heard this news when he was recovering from his wounds in a gas attack. The news made him angry and the feelings of betrayal started fuming in his mind.

He strongly believed that he could bring back the lost glory of Germany. So he attempted to seize control of Germany through a putsch, the Beer Hall Putsch. The attempt failed and Hitler was sent to prison for five years. But he didn’t give up his courage.

Germany was not in a good shape after the First World War. Due to the ruthless conditions imposed by the U.S, Britain and France, Germany was left dishonored and impoverished. The worldwide conditions became worsen with the recession in 1929. The economic growth in Germany became stunted, as there was no money to invest in her economy. The money borrowed from overseas also has to be returned. In late 1929, Germany was left effectively bankrupt. The people of Germany were anxiously looking for a better replacement.

The harsh conditions of the country forced people to vote for Nazis. And Nazis won 18% of the vote in the next election. This led the president Paul von Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as Chancellor of Germany. Thus the ruthless dictator of the 20th century came into power. According to some reports, President Hindenburg made the mistake by giving Hitler the post of Chancellor. Within years, Hitler was able to take over the position of president and he combined both the president and chancellor positions into one supreme position, the Fuhrer.

What were Hitler’s personal qualities? He was known as a good organizer and politician. As a brilliant speaker, he attracted everyone’s attention towards him. With a single stare, he can make people under his control. He believed that god had sent him to become the emperor of the whole world. It was his strong belief in him that forced people to believe in Hitler.

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Adolf Hitler – the ruthless despot of 20th century

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Adolf Hitler – the ruthless despot of 20th century

This article was published on 2012/02/18